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Professional Pressure Cleaning Services

We understand the value of curb appeal and a professional pressure washing by our trained technicians is just the thing to help your home shine again.  If your roof has become streaked and stained or your driveway has become covered with grime, it’s time to give our highly qualified team a call.  We have serviced the Port St. Lucie area for nearly two decades and understand the tools, techniques, and cleaning solutions necessary to restore your outdoor surfaces to their previous glory.  Consider some of the pros of hiring Choco’s Environmental Services for your next pressure washing job before you decide to take the task on by yourself.

Different Surfaces Require Different Treatments

Trust in our experience and expertise to perform the job right and avoid damaging or discoloring your home’s outdoor areas.  If improperly applied, pressure from powerful cleaning equipment can damage or destroy softer materials like wood or painted areas.  We know the best pressure settings for each surface type so that you will receive the best cleaning possible while maintaining the integrity of the material.

Rented Equipment May Not Perform

We often receive calls from customers who have rented a pressure washer on their own only to find that it was well beyond its ability to deliver an adequate cleaning for their home.  Often, rented equipment is subject to wear and tear that professional cleaners avoid.  Our professional, industrial grade pressure washers are properly maintained and deliver a high quality clean that saves you time and effort.  Why try to haul a rented piece of equipment home when we can offer you a hassle-free experience.

In addition, pressure washing equipment can be dangerous to operate if you are not properly trained.  The pressure emitted by the hose easily removes grime and debris from surfaces, but can also inflict serious bodily injury if not handled correctly.

If you need professional pressure washing services that are efficient and affordable, call Choco’s Environmental Services today.  As a licensed and insured service provider, we stand ready to help.  For more information on our pressure washing services, contact us at (772) 626-0226.
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